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Interdisciplinary Symposium | 5-6-7 July 2017

Call for abstract Timetable:
Timely submission of the papers is critical to the success of the program. The procedures and timetable enumerated below will apply.

Deadline for Proposals

By the 17th of November 2016, authors should submit a one page proposal for their papers including the title, authors and affiliation, a short description of the topic(s) to be addressed, the approach that will be taken, and a survey of existing actuarial literature on the subject. Proposals should be submitted via the Submission link on the Symposium Web page (http://interdisciplinary-symposium.universita.corsica) 

1. Acceptance of Proposals
By mid-January 2017, the Committee will make a decision on all proposals. The number of accepted proposals might be limited. The Committee will contact authors regarding their proposals. The paper will be presented under oral presentation or during a poster session.


2. Completion Date

By 15th of March 2017, the Committee must receive (using the easy chair link which will be indicated on the Symposium Web page) the completed paper (4 pages max) of each accepted abstract according to the template, which will be given under the Submission guidelines link. Each paper will be screened by the Committee to assure its quality of exposition and relevance to the call. The Committee may require further rewriting of the paper to bring it to an acceptable standard.



3.Approving the Completed Paper

By 30th of April 2017, all authors will have been notified to the results of this screening process. Accepted papers will be published in the Proceeding of the Symposium. The Committee reserves the right to not publish a submission if none of the authors is registered to the Symposium. Authors will be required to execute a “Copyright Transfer Agreement” form, which formally grants the Symposium to publish the paper. Extended papers will be able to submitted to the SpringerPlus open access journal.

The Committee looks forward to receiving proposals in response to the call, and is happy to respond to inquiries from interested parties. Questions may be addressed to Committee using the following email address: symposium@univ-corse.fr




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