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Interdisciplinary Symposium | 5-6-7 July 2017
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Track "Smart Territories"

Smart Territories


T. Antoine-Santoni (SPE, UCPP UMR CNRS 6134, France)

    D. Verdoni (LISA, UMR CNRS 6240, France)


Objectives: Nowadays smart cities, towns and territories are becoming more and more synonyms of experimental, innovative and connected environments. The term smart territory is also often used to denote environments provided with communication infrastructures supporting digital actions and services for the citizens. Although the popularity and interest on smart territories (also attested by the many definitions available) is continuously growing, their actual deployments and experimentations are still difficult and complex.

The digital integration (supported by the externalization of computing power and by the growth of open data, which are no longer reserved to experts) and the convergence towards a sustainable development appear to be the operational translation of smart territories. In this evolution, two aspects are mightily emerging the integration of different networks (related to energy, transport, and housing) and the role given to the user, the citizen.

Indeed, smart territories cannot free themselves from the user dimension. Many territories, many cities claim the term of innovative territory, but what is the reality?

Of course, the role of technology is important because its developments are often the base for new objectives and uses. However, how does all this is reflected in the relationship to the citizens? How does these territories encourage the emergence of e-citizen? What is the place of knowledge and education, culture and heritage in these territories?

Indeed, technology and environment, knowledge and education to e-citizenship, heritage and culture seem to be central for the definition of a smart territory.

In this context, we expect contributions around three axes:

Intelligent territories: technology and environment

The technology for sustainable development, digital experimentation with users/citizens, the role given by technology to users in sustainable development context, Big Data and sustainable development, connected agriculture, etc.

Intelligent territories: knowledge and education

The place and role of the school in these intelligent territories, e-citizenship, modes of learning or self-education in intelligent territories, educational and digital labs, digital humanities.

Intelligent territories: culture and Heritage

Place of culture and heritage in these intelligent territories, cultural innovation, digital culture, virtual heritage, development of culture and heritage in intelligent territories, design, architecture.



Keywords: smart city, sustainable development , heritage, technology, culture, education, knowledge


Scientific Resposibles:

T Antoine-Santoni / D. Verdoni


Scientific Committee:

A. Ben Taziri, Université  Virtuelle de Tunisie, Tunisia

V. Campillo Aix-Marseille  Université, France

O. Galibert, Université  de Bourgogne, France

M. Girolami  CNR Italia Pisa, Italy

J. Legard, Université  de Perpignan, France

B. Mocquet, Université de Perpignan, France

T. Spriet, Université d’Avignon, France

L.Viera Lise, Université de Bordeaux, France

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